Flower Power for Men

Let’s get things straight here; who said men can’t wear floral prints to? Exactly, no one has said men can’t wear floral. A man who can pull off a bold print, such as a floral one or even a pink and purple plaid, is a man with a sense of style. This look specifically is understated, yet stands out with the peek-a-boo floral collar under this cream wool sweater. Not to mention the cuffed denim fitted jeans and oxford style leather lace-up boots. It is tastefully put together.

At my campus, there are quite a few men who dress similar to this and take pride in their fashion. I love a man who is not afraid to push the boundaries, especially when he is wearing something preppy and fresh paired with a killer pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are those accessories that can really make or break an outfit in my opinion, but this look is the perfect example for how it does make the outfit come together.

Hats are another great way to accessorize one’s look. If this outfit did not have the gold framed, polarized blue shades I would say you can try piecing a navy or even dark brown with blue accent band, medium brim, fedora. Sometimes hats are not for everyone, but if your feeling like it’s a hat day then please, do not shy away from one! You can even try simple rings. It may sound odd, but guys can wear rings too! This man, specifically, is wearing a simple gold pinkie ring that pairs perfect with his gold-framed sunglasses. It’s a simplistic accessory that also helps tie the outfit together.

Gentlemen do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and wear bold prints, even jeans that expose your fabulous boots. Fashion is something a lot of people take pride in, it can make a person feel good knowing that they’re fashionable and people recognize them for it. So take my advice and next time you see something like a floral print, do what my friend here has done and pair it with a sweater, jeans, and boots and I promise girls will take notice of you.




Something about the color olive just makes me smile.  It is a color that, I believe, anyone can wear.  You can see in my previous post with my oversized deep olive green sweater with my faux fur vest.  It brings a glow to everyone, and a good glow at that.  There are different shades of it, yes, which is why I also believe finding the perfect shade of olive green is key.

Countless times I have gotten compliments on this long peacoat, that coincidentally I bought at American Eagle.  It is amazing what you will find at stores where you think they only print their logo on the clothes, tribute to the middle school days, but you will be surprised that you can find very cute and flattering pieces in these stores still.  For me personally, as I have gotten older I have noticed that Abercrombie & Fitch and even American Eagle have done away with a lot of the printing the logo of the store on items.  It is appealing to the older demographic and I also have to state that the jeans featured in these images are American Eagle.  They are the jeans that work for me.  I have tried other name brand jeans and designer jeans, but American Eagle fits my body type.  I love clothing, I love designers, obviously, but if you find a store or brand that works for you, stick with it!  No shame in sticking with the brand of jeans and even clothing that I have been faithful with since freshman year of high school.

Now let’s breakdown this outfit.  This outfit falls under layers because when the winter months come my way, the sweaters are broken out along with my suede boots, peacoat, and hats.  I love a long peacoat, in fact I have a longer peacoat then this one photographed, and it works for taller girls.  I do not advice petite girls to wear a long peacoat because it can distort your look, and you want something to elongate the leg.  Like I said, I bought this peacoat at American Eagle, and I linked the site for all of those interested to see, but you can also check out this peacoat, it is a military style peacoat that is much similar to the one I wear.

When it comes to hats, I love simplicity.  This basic black felt fedora can be found at Forever21, but you can find one similar from here from TopShop.  The black fedora helps tie my black suede buckle shoes together.  It causes the human eye to work from the top and go all the way to the bottom.  It helps unify the look, which is what you want to do.  I found these, again, at Forever21 by chance when I was in Washington D.C., but you can find a pair very similar at Nordstrom .  The buckles make up the excuse to not wear any jewelry with this look.  You do not want your outfit to be super flashy or make it out like you’re trying to hard, don’t do that!  Be simplistic, just like your hat, and let the statement boots speak for themselves.

Until next time…